ROELLIN BOOKS offers the following payment methods:

Credit Card Mastercard & Visa
Ihre Kreditkarte wird erst bei der Auslieferung Ihrer Wahre belastet.
Invoice ausschliesslich für Kunden aus der Schweiz.
Zahlbar innert 30 Tagen nach Rechnungstellung.
Bank Transfer for customers residing outside of Switzerland.
Payable within 10 days to one of the bank accounts listed below. The order will be shipped upon receipt of payment.
CHF Account:
Raiffeisenbank, Steinhausen, Switzerland
Clearing-Nr: 81452
IBAN: CH44 8145 2000 0023 3303 9
EURO Account:
Deutsche Bank, Konstanz, Germany
Clearing-Nr: 690 700 24
Konto-Nr.: 022652200
IBAN: DE42 6907 0024 0022 6522 00

In respect of collection costs arising from late payment we are entitled to make a lump-sum charge of 9.- CHF / 6.- EURO unless it is proven that no or substantially lower costs are incurred. This is without prejudice to further claims, in particular with respect to enforcement by debt collecting agency or legal counsel.

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